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      4. This post will teach you how to add your site to Phoenix browser or newsphxfeed anyhow you call it. 

        People have been asking me questions like, How to add my website content to phoenix browser, how do I submit my blog to phoenix browser and many more queries.

        That's why am putting up this post for you to know how bloggers can submit their blog or website to Phoenix browser as well as Opera Mini.

        Steps on How to Add Your Site to Phoenix Browser

          1. Make sure you publish articles on your blog regularly.
          2. Send a mail to [email protected] requesting them to add your site to Phoenix browser. 
          3. Wait for their reply for next thing to do. You will get a response like this below:
          4. After you send them email, wait for at least one week for their reply. 
          5. See the Screenshot of their reply to me below. They responded after 5 days in some cases it might be longer or sooner. 

          Congratulations if you got such response after you sent the mail. Within a week your posts will start appearing on Phoenix browser.

          I have previously made a post about how you can add your site to opera news, you can click here to read it. 

          Hope this article is helpful? If yes please leave a comment below, if you have a question you can also ask in the comments section below. 

          Some Related Quries:

          how to advertise on phoenix browser 

          1. Contact phoneix browser for advertisement
          2. You can contact them at [email protected]
          3. Please specify your reason for contacting them ( Advert)
          4. An advert agent  will reply you within 24 to 72 hours

          how to post news on phoenix browser / write for phoenix browser 

          • To post news on Phoenix browser you have to be a website owner.
          • Request for your site to be added if you have not been added
          • You can join Opera News or scooper publisher scheme, They get their contents from Opera and Scooper.. 
          • Once you join any of the publisher scheme mentioned above you will start seeing your posts on Phodnix

          phoenix news hub 

          Unlike Opera News Hub and Scooper, Phoenix browser does have news hub that pay writers. They get their contents from Opera, Websites and Scooper..

          how to make money on phoenix browser

          Phoenix does not have any money making scheme for now, i dont know if they will include that in future. If you are a blogger i can teach you how to make money on Phoenix browser.

          Phoenix browser login 

          how to become a writer for phoenix browser

          Unlike Opera News Hub and Scooper, Phoenix browser does have news hub that pay writers. They get their contents from Opera, Websites and Scooper.

          See alternative option pn how to become a writer for phoenix broswer above