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      4.  Make Your Mobile Data Last Longer on Your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, IPad etc. By Following These Tips Below:

        Back in the days when Java phone was on board, ordinary 10 megabytes of data can last for one year (LOL).

        Did i just said one year? Don't mind me am just kidding. But seriously if you have 10mb then it will be like you have all data in the world because it will last even more than you expect.

        Those days, mobile phone doesn't use data at background, no auto updates, no push notifications, no synchronization. 

        Even if you on your mobile data it won't be accessible to phone unless you login your browser app to surf the internet or social media apps. Won't it baffle you to know that once you close the browser or another app in your java phones your data becomes unusable to your phone.

        Right now we are using smartphones, revise is now the case. Just try on your mobile data for a day your 1gb of data is gone. 

        That's is why am writing about steps or instructions to follow so that your data can last longer than you expect. 

        It's so annoying after Subscribing 1gb of data it didn't even last for two days. 

        Follow These Tips for your Mobile Data to Last Longer On Your IPhone, Android, Blackberry etc.:

        1. Restrict Background Data Usage
        2. Restrict Push Notifications
        3. Restrict Application Auto Update
        4. Restrict Mobile Auto Download Updates
        5. Use Data Saver
        6. Uninstall Applications You Aren't Using
        7. Off Mobile Data When Not in Use. 
        8. Download Large Files on WiFi. 
        9. Synchronise your photos, email, contacts etc  while on WiFi only
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